Paz Financiera

Paz Financiera is a series of six DVDs in which financial expert Andres Gutierrez will teach you the same common-sense principles of money management—building wealth, dumping debt, and budgeting—that he has been teaching others for years. In a fast-paced, entertaining and humorous style, Andres will change the way you think about money. Get ready to change your family tree forever!

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In Paz Financiera, Andres covers the following subjects in a series of six DVDs:

  • Súper Ahorros: Learn the seven Baby Steps that will guide you through your journey to Financial Peace. You will also learn the three key reasons why you should save money—and why you must start now!
  • Relacionándonos con el Dinero: Learn why it's important for spouses to communicate and work together toward success. Also, singles will learn the importance of teamwork and accountability, and parents will find out how to teach their kids about money.
  • El Flujo del Dinero: Unlock the secret of developing a monthly spending plan that works.
  • Sacúdase de las Deudas: It's time to debunk some common debt myths! Andres reveals the truth about credit lies and gives you a plan to walk out of debt with confidence.
  • Chupacabras en Corbatas: What is a credit score, anyway? Join Andres as he unpacks your credit rating and shows you how to handle collectors when they call.
  • El Gran Malentendido: Warning! This lesson will challenge the way you think about money. Andres will show you how generous giving can completely transform your attitude and improve your finances, business and relationships.
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Paz Financiera

In these six DVDs, Andres will explain the key concepts and principles that will set you up for lifelong financial success. Only available in Spanish. Start a Class



"Andres is opening the door that is changing the history of the Hispanic community!"
—Pastor Neil P.

"Andres shares his knowledge and motivates us to be more disciplined."
—Annette H.

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