Teaching people how to make their money behave!

Financial expert Andres Gutierrez, or "El Machete pa tu billete," is a successful entrepreneur, small-business owner and radio show host with the goal of helping the Hispanic community win with money. Andres’ successes have come from his passion and his simple, direct way of communicating hope to the hopeless. His drive for excellence in everything he does enabled his business to prosper.

This success was noticed by financial expert and New York Times best-selling author Dave Ramsey, host of The Dave Ramsey Show, which is syndicated on over 500 radio stations and has a listening audience of more than 4.5 million each week. Dave had long been looking for a way to reach the Hispanic community with his message of Financial Peace, and he saw the perfect messenger in Andres. Andres joined Dave’s team in 2009 and is now helping to spread the message of "Paz Financiera" all over the country—or as Andres would say it, "Teaching people how to make their money behave."

Through radio and speaking engagements, Andres delivers solid teaching and insights that are changing lives all over the nation.

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Listen to a sample of Andres’ radio broadcast. Andres gives hope and financial advice to listeners.

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