Despite being a professional financial advisor, I was blind to the real way of managing money. I wish I could say that I’m committed to teaching personal finances because I’ve never screwed up, but the truth is very different. I came to this country with the belief that “you’re not worth anything unless you owe everything” and “credit rules.” I was so deep in debt, even to the point that it was hard put gas in my car. The stress that this situation produced almost cost me my marriage. It was not until I started listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio, that I began to understand the difference between the economy in the news and the economy of my home. Zaira, my wife and I took a firm decision to live these principles because our present and the future of our children had to change. Not only did this change our lives but also that of my clients, and there began to grow in me the passion to help our people.

Now I share these principles, with great conviction. I know what it is to start from scratch and build prosperity. You don’t have to be a financial expert to live in financial peace, everyone can achieve this! Buckle up, here we go. You’re not alone, I’m here to help.

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