We understand what is running through your mind right now. “I can’t believe Andres Gutierrez is

accepting credit cards! This can’t be true! He’s sold out on his principles!” But before you shave

your head and run outside on your front lawn screaming, “The world is coming to an end, save

yourself!” let’s clear up a few things:


Number 1 – We are NOT accepting credit cards! Never have and never will. I mean, come on,

do you listen to the radio show at all? Have you ever heard of a plasectomy? Please understand

that accepting credit cards is something that will NEVER happen as long as Andres is still alive

(and even forever after that!)


Number 2 – We are accepting DEBIT cards. We know that some people will go nuts when they

hear that, but one factor is being overlooked. Debit cards do not work unless there is CASH



So don’t worry! The Titanic is not rising, the sky is not falling and Ed McMahon is still not coming

to your front door. We understand that some people will get upset over this decision. We also

understand that some people will say we are selling out. However, all we are doing is simply

aligning ourselves with the advice we give America.


DEBIT means CASH. CREDIT means CREDIT – and we don’t do credit!

Talem International, LLC. and Andres Gutierrez recognize that the Visa and MasterCard virtual

monopoly on the debit card industries prohibits merchants from only taking debit cards. As such,

it is impossible for us to ensure that every order has complied with our debit card policy. We

trust that all of our customers hold EXCEEDINGLY high levels of INTEGRITY and maintain

EXTRAORDINARILY high standards of TRUTH and HONESTY. Stick to our policy, NO CREDIT

CARDS, and make us all happy.

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