My goal with this book is to help you kick financial ruin to the curb in the next 30 days.

I will teach you:

  • How to save, where to save and how to keep your savings
  • How to stop fighting with your spouse over money and find unity
  • What are investments and how do they work
  • How to make your money last ‘till the end of the month
  • How to get out of debt once and for all
  • How to buy a home wisely and not end up house poor
  • How to earn more money
libro transforma tus finanzas en 30 dias

Transforma tus finanzas en 30 días Hardcover $23.95*

Transforma tus finanzas en 30 días eBook $19.95*

Transforma tus finanzas en 30 días Audiobook $23.95*

Transforma tus finanzas en 30 días Study Guide $12.95*



PiolínAuthor, Host of El Show de Piolín
“Money does not buy happiness, but it buys clothing and food which is almost the same thing. Learn to save, which is now easier than the multiplication table of 1 with Andres Gutierrez. ¿Why did we come here? ¡To succeed!”
Dr. Cesar Lozano
Dr. Cesar Lozano
“Healing financially is as important as healing emotionally. Andres gives you the 1-2-3 to make it happen “
Victor Hugo Manzanilla
Victor Hugo Manzanilla
I’ve always known that leadership involves having healthy finances. That’s why I chose Andres as my personal mentor and why I follow the advice he recommends in this book.
Robert Barriger
Robert Barriger
I recommend the book, “Transforma tus finanzas en 30 días,” because it has important principles that will help you manage your money better. My friend, Andrés Gutiérrez, has visited our church and his teachings have been of great impact and blessing to many families who have now taken control of their finances and their future.

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