“We’re finally stable, now what?”

Learn how to Grow and Protect your money in these entertaining lessons.

Paz Financiera II is made up of these 6 classes

Class 1

Buyer Beware

The secret to having enough is you have to win the war between the things that are Necessary and those that are Wants.
You will learn:
How to make BIG purchases like buying a house or a car, without digging a huge financial hole.
To Identify the enemy: Marketing, Promotions and Publicity

Class 2

The Role of Insurance

Insurance = Defense + Investments = Offense
Both are equally as important. You could lose everything unless you adequately protect yourself.
There’s a lot of scams out there, so learn to recognize, avoid and eliminate them so you only pay for what you need.

Class 3

Invest for the Future

Growing financially is not a matter of luck, like winning the lottery. It’s a matter of knowing where to put your money and being consistent.
You will learn:
What investing means and how it works.
Where to put your money so that it will grow.

Class 4

Retirement and College Planning

Can you imagine reaching retirement and not having to work to make ends meet?
Take advantage of everything at your disposal to earn the best possible returns.
Learn how Retirement accounts work.
Which type of funds to buy if you are employed or work for yourself.
Which are the best types of funds to invest for Higher Education.

Class 5

Real Estate and Mortgages

We all have the dream of buying a house!
So that your house becomes a dream come true, learn:
When to buy a house.
How much house to buy.
How to buy a house.
How mortgages work.
How much are closing costs.

Class 6

Work in Your Strengths

When you enjoy life, your income will skyrocket!
In this class you’ll learn:
How to align your character, personality with what you do.
How to get the job you want where you want.
How to identify if you need an extra job or finally start your own business.

Can you imagine living without having to work?

“Let me show you the way to financial independence. Paz Financiera II is like seating together and I show you how to grow and protect your money.” Andres

Are you ready to grow financially?

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