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What is Paz Financiera?

Financial Peace is a 6 lesson video course taught by personal finance expert Andres Gutierrez. In these classes you will learn how to manage your money, create wealth, shake off debt and how to make a budget that works – the same principles that have transformed the lives of Andres and thousands of families. In these entertaining classes Andres is going to help you make your money behave. Get ready to change your future and that of your family, forever!

How do I take the class?

Taking Financial Peace course is easy. No matter how busy your schedule may be, we have a solution for you. We are offering classes in groups across the country. If this option works for you, please contact the coordinator and register. If work, the kids, the dog and your parrot don’t allow you to attend a group once a week then the “DVD version ” or “Internet version ” are for you.


  • Price
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Workbook
  • Envelope System
  • Group Support
  • Start

Small Group

  • $59
  • In class
  • Download
  • In kit
  • No
  • In class
  • Class date

Online Class

  • $79
  • Online
  • Downloads
  • Download

  • Now!

DVD Home Study

  • $130
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • In kit
  • In kit

  • When you receive kit

Tres opciones para tomar el curso:

Small Group

  • $59

  • Videos: In class

  • Audios: CDs

  • Workbook: In kit

  • Envelope System: No

  • Group support: In class

  • Start date: Class date

Online class

  • $79

  • Videos: Online

  • Audios: Online

  • Workbook: Download

  • Envelope system: No

  • Group Support: No

  • Start date: Now!

DVD Home Study

  • $130

  • Videos: DVDs

  • Audios: CDs

  • Workbook: In kit

  • Envelop System: In kit

  • Group support: No

  • Start date: When you receive your materials

I want to start a class!

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“The Financial Peace class is going wonderfully. I am very proud of our members and many are changing their lives.”
Rosanna Ramponi, Coordinator
“…Financial Peace is the answer to my prayer. I found the tools to get out of the financial hell in which we lived.”
Fabiola Suarez
“The most important thing was to put into practice his advice and get through our difficulties, especially with the credit card payments. Although I have not finished, I’m on my way and I really feel very comfortable following his advice to do this in the manner he suggested.”
Luz Rojas, Class member

Course Content

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