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Now more than ever, those who are part of your organizaCon, such as a church, workplace, community center etc., they need help. Many of them are struggling financially and do not know what to do. You have the answer and it starts with Financial Peace. This course will change the way they think about money, teaching them how to get out of debt, make a budget that works, bring unity to the marriage and saving for emergencies through a proven process.

Offering the course is easy. Andres GuCerrez teaches all classes by video. All you need to do is start the video and facilitate a time of discussion after each lesson. It’s that easy! Those who coordinate these classes have the full support of our team. You can help those who are seeking financial hope. Start a class in your area today! Please read the FAQ secCon below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although Andres would love to be present in every place and every Cme the course is offered, it is not something that is feasible. So we offer the course on DVD. It is a way to impact more people without limitations on time.

All materials, videos, books, etc. are protected internationally by copyright laws. What you can do is make as many copies of the budget as you like, not only to complete it at home, but to help another person. Sit down with that person and share what you have used (the budget) to take control of your finances.

This is a question we often receive. We would like to say that we have the resources to pay a salary or a fee to all the people who serve as coordinators. But that is not true. Every person who serves as a coordinator, does so with a heart to help are not receiving a monetary reward.

We understand that when you have found something of great value, you want to share it with everyone. It’s natural within us all. And we encourage you to share your story about what this course has done for you. This is the best Cme to help them toward Financial Peace. You can offer the course at home and enable them to buy their own material. Contact our team at 1-800-781-8897 and they will give you the steps to offer the course.

Of course, it’s an excellent idea to bring this type of training to a company to help employees stop living paycheck to paycheck. The lack of money management in the home creates an uncomfortable relationship between employee and employer when they begin to ask for advances in their pay along with other issues.

The course works with groups as small as 5 people up to an infinite amount of people. We have seen classes with more than 100 people in the group and we are keeping an eye to see who will be the first with 150 people.

When you receive something for free, usually you’re grateful for that gift. And if you’re like 99% of the population, after a few days you can’t event remember where you placed it. Conversely, when you invest your time and money in something, you not only enjoy more but you get more out of it. Now, Andrew also shares all the same principles in El Show de Andres Gutierrez, absolutely free to you. But if you want to walk through a process that works, we recommend that you take the Paz Financiera course.

Of course you can, but that would only make this more like a spark, instead of something that produces a change of habits. We recommend you do one class per week, and for example during this period families will do at least two monthly budgets. This process is what produces a change of habits.

A member is a single person or a family. A family is the father, mother and children up to age 21, even though there may be kids that are 40 still living in the same house.

No. The course works when each member buys their own materials. This gives the member all they will need to succeed with this course.

Yes. You need to register with our team by calling 1-800-781-8897 . They will guide you through the steps in order to offer the course.

The course has 6 classes that are offered on DVD. We recommend that you have one class per week. We also recommend that you set aside two hours per class to see videos that last approximately 1 hour (the 4th class lasts 1 hour 20 min) and have enough Cme for small group discussion.

No, there is no financial requirement to offer the course. Many of the people who offer the course are taking the class for the first time with people enrolled.

Not at all, the course is designed so that anyone can offer it. Andres teaches each class on DVD and then there is a guided question time. If questions arise in the group that you are not able to answer according to what is covered in the video, you can always write us with those questions and we will get you an answer.

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